The Adventures of Tintin

Posted on January 1, 2012


The Adventures of Tintin – A young reporter who goes by the single name of Tintin, a combination Nancy Drew/MacGyver, and his trusty sidekick Snowy, a  short-haired dog who’s kind of dumb yet pretty smart.  Tintin buys a model ship “Unicorn” and all of a sudden people are out to kill him for it.  The bad guy named Sakharine/Red Rackham (Daniel Craig) looks strikingly like Steven Speilberg. 

Tintin is aided on his journey to solve the mystery of why they want his ship by a drunken captain (Simon Pegg) whose ancestors used to not like Red Rackham’s ancestors.   The mystery involves pirates, revenge and treasure.

 Apparently, Tintin is a long running series in England.  It’s a lot of silly fun – two cops who are very Keystone-ish, one Roadrunner type scene that all the little kids seemed to enjoy.  As usual you could have probably cut 15 minutes and still had the same effect.  It’s an animated movie and the characters are very real looking.  Tintin occasionally says “Great Snakes” – what does that remind you of?   The ending left little doubt that there’d be a sequel.