We Bought A Zoo

Posted on December 26, 2011


We Bought A Zoo – Based on a true story, it’s kind of hard to believe and yet it feels real.  Matt Damon , who gets cuter by the day, is a recent widower (Benjamin Mee) and all the single moms are after him. 

With an absolutely adorable 7-year old daughter and a promising artist/expelled from school 14-year old son,  Mee needs to make a break from everything and ends up buying a zoo on the edge of collapsing and nine miles from the nearest Target.

 I would not have cast Scarlett Johannsen as Kelly, the zoo manager;  she’s just way too bedroomy looking but still does a fine job.  Elle Fanning is very good as the over-eager, kind of goofy, trying too hard teenager.  Thomas Haden Church plays Mee’s older brother and there is sort of a resemblance.  Since it’s about a zoo, lions, tigers, bears and porcupines show up, but the theme of the show is that we should choose humans first, animals second.  It has an “It’s A Wonderful Life” ending and will probably be around on dvd for years to come.  Observation – Damon wears a sweater in one scene that I do believe he wore in one of the Bourne movies.  And I immediately recognized a Cat Stevens (or whatever his name is now) song at the beginning of the movie.