War Horse

Posted on December 26, 2011


War Horse – From Black Beauty  to Secretariat, there’s something about horse movies that we love.   A drunken, stupid fool of a man buys a “Ferrari” of a horse instead of the “John Deere tractor” style he needs, and his son takes over the training of this beautiful animal and gives him the uninspired name of Joey.   It’s apparent the spirited horse is special, especially when he starts pulling a plow behind him and carves through a huge rock.  Father fool though ends up selling him to the army where he comes into contact with a number of people during World War I who all treat him kindly, including two young brothers and a young girl named Emily and her grandfather.  Some of the mini-stories actually take away from the overall story, I think.  Joey is a bit of a hero and at one point brings two sides of the war together for a few minutes.

 There’s humor here and the beginning and ending photography is absolutely beautiful.  It makes a great Christmas story, all ends well, but it’s not quite Seabiscuit.