Posted on December 4, 2011


Hugo – An imaginative, almost magical movie by Martin Scorsese.  An orphaned boy lives inside a clock – think of a French Big Ben –  in a train station after his father is killed in a fire explosion.  Okay, I admit that sounds kind of depressing but it really isn’t.  He’s on a quest to find the key to the automaton (robot) his father left him when he meets up with the owner of a toy repair store, played wonderfully well by Ben Kingsley (Papa Georges).  It seems Georges is the producer of the first French movie ever but feels his “dream” movies were no longer relevant after the war when people wanted realistic films.  His young goddaughter becomes friends with Hugo and together they uncover the previous life of Georges.

Sasha Baron Cohen (from that disgusting Borak movie – he’s good here) is the station inspector who is constantly trying to capture Hugo for stealing.    Emily Mortimer is the owner of a flower shop and a great attraction to the station inspector.  The side story of an older couple with dogs, although sometimes amusing, could easily have been deleted and made this movie just the right length.

I loved the movie.  Hugo says he thinks of the universe as a machine and no machine has extra parts, therefore he, like everyone else,  couldn’t be an extra part and must have a purpose.  Although it’s a movie for kids, it probably won’t be for those kids who want frantic action throughout.