Arthur Christmas

Posted on November 26, 2011


If you’ve ever wondered how one Santa can climb down millions of chimneys all over the world in one night, well here’s your answer. According to this, there are generations of Santas, each serving about 70 years then turning the reins over to the next in line.  And North Pole has a really high-tech command center controlled by Santa’s oldest son Steve and hundreds of ninja-like elves.  Steve is just itching to take over dad Santa’s place but dad seems to enjoy getting all the credit while everyone else does the work.  Steve and Santa have some unresolved issues, too.  Steve wears a pink Santa outfit…make of that what you will.

When Steve makes one teeny, teeny little mistake and misses just one child, he and Santa are willing to overlook it.  But younger brother Arthur can’t bear the thought of even one child missing out on Christmas so he and GrandSanta start off on an around the world trip with an old fashioned sleigh and eight reindeer.   GrandSanta is a crotchety old man who doesn’t really give a whit about the little girl who won’t have a Christmas, he just wants to show ‘em he still has it.  He also has some of the best lines.   Other good lines come from a cute little wrapping elf  “there’s always time for a bow”  as they land in all the wrong places.  Even without a good GPS, it ends up all sweet and nice just like Christmas stories should.

The English accents may be a little difficult to understand sometimes – they sound more Americanized toward the end.  Justin Bieber does a cool version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  FYI, the “A” in my initials stands for Arthur so I had to see this movie.

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