Tower Heist

Posted on November 5, 2011


The Tower Heist – This is a pretty good movie. Some parts are hilarious, some parts are a little tense, like the height things or they are for me, and there is no violence or excessive dirty words. It’s about a Bernie Madoff type Arthur Shaw, played by Alan Alda, who has scammed all the folks out of their life savings. Ben Stiller (Josh Kovaks) is the building manager of a Trump Tower-like hotel where Shaw lives.
We’re used to thinking of Alda as a really nice guy but he is quite the smarmy here. And once Kovaks realizes that Shaw is indeed a greedy slimeball, he gets a group of average guys together to find where Shaw has stashed his cash. This includes Slide (Eddie Murphy), a small time crook. Murphy can say more with his face than most people can with their mouth.
The heist is scheduled for the Thanksgiving Day Macy’s Parade and when you see Matt Lauer announcing it, you feel like your next door neighbor just appeared on the screen. Casey Affleck plays a monotone kind of guy and it works. Matthew Broderick is a lost-everything former stock broker. Gabby Sidibe is a safe-cracker with a Jamaican accent that sometimes sounds a bit Irish. And Tea Leoni as FBI agent on the trail of Shaw has dark red hair instead of the usual blonde. It’s worth seeing.

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