The Rum Diary

Posted on November 3, 2011


The Rum Diary – Johnny Depp does his usual fine acting job as Kemp, a journalist-wanna-be-novelist new to Puerto Rico who likes to drink. The story was written by Hunter S. Thompson and is probably based somewhat on his own life. Although entertaining, it’s a bit thin on information and just lightly touches on the problems he sees in PR. It has the feel of Ernest Hemingway in Key West. Aaron Echart is quite good as the bad guy and Richard Jenkins in an ill-fitting toupee is excellent. The best acting though is from the guy who plays the champion drunk – Giovanni Ribisi.
One of my favorite scenes is when Kemp and the photographer Sala are “humping” their way through downtown in a broken down Fiat. And in another funny scene, the two of them after trying out a little hallucinogenic drug are very mellow when out pops a tongue…well, I won’t tell you more. Unless you’re a huge Hunter S. Thompson or Johnny Depp fan, you may just want to wait on this one. It’s not a can’t miss movie. Oh, they keep referring to a 1958 (I think) Corvette as a Chevy. While a Corvette is a Chevrolet product, no one calls it a Chevy. Just one of those little things that bug me.

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