Posted on October 17, 2011


Footloose – Remember the story? Five high school seniors in little Georgia town are killed in car accident after a school dance. Accident had no relation to the dance – beer and carelessness did. Town bans dancing. Cool kid (Kenny Wormald) from Boston moves in, makes friends with Georgia cracker (Miles Teller) and rebel girl (Julianne Hough) , daughter of the local preacher — and you know what they say about preacher’s daughters– who gets her adrenaline rush from playing chicken with trains. Her brother was the senior driving the car that crashed and only son of the preacher, played by a glowering Dennis Quaid.
To me, the story line is not all that important. It’s about the dancing, and the dancing is awesome. You have to overlook that the kids are played by 25 year olds, not teenagers. Julianne Hough dances in a way no 17 or 18 year old should, although there will be lots of 15 year olds trying to. One of the best parts is cracker boy being taught to dance by several little bitty girls. The soundtrack is great, of course, and the finale with “Footloose” makes me plan my next life with dancing as my top talent.

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