Real Steel

Posted on October 9, 2011


It’s too long, but it’s good. Set in the future, boxing is now a sport of robots. Former boxer Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) is an impulsive robot agent/owner. Right after his last losing fight and down to his last nickel, his long-forgotten 11 year old son comes back into his life. “ Max” is dimpled, has floppy hair and puppy dog eyes. Finding out his dad sold him for $50K, (it’s not as bad as it sounds) Max then gives Jackman a run for his money. He refurbishes a second generation robot, teaches it some Thriller-like moves and they start making the rounds of ‘bot fights with “Atom”, a robot with heart.

Sometimes Max may be a little too smarty for a kid, but overall he’s as appealing as his melt-in-your-mouth dad. It’s a good Walt Disney movie, not too much blood so you can take the whole family.
There’s a mean dude who looks like an older Scotty of American Idol. Just a heads up, the future has a lot of tattooed rednecks.

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