Killer Elite

Posted on September 28, 2011


It’s 1980 and an oil sheik(h) hires Jason Statham (Danny) to extract a written confession from the three murderers of three of his four sons, kill them, and then prove it with a video. In exchange he’ll give him $6M and release Hunter (DeNiro) from “jail”. This is after Danny had decided he wanted no more to do with being an ex-special ops or ex-mercernary, whichever one he was.

The first part is filled with fiery explosions, smashing faces and trashing places – all with absolutely no tension. Then along comes Clive Owen and those green eyes add just a bit of excitement. So now there are three or more groups with different motives for killing. This has something to do with the SAS, British Intelligence, and the Oman war, and there are guys on the beach wearing those little tiny shorts like Magnum PI used to wear – very unattractive now.

Action does pick up in the last part especially when DeNiro is on screen, and again when Danny does some major leaps across buildings in a single bound. Ask me what MFWIC, pronounced mifwik, stands for if you don’t already know.

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