7 Days in Utopia

Posted on September 7, 2011


A movie about God and golf. Lucas Black plays Luke Chisolm, an up and coming golfer who completely loses it at a game one day in front of TV cameras. Apparently his father’s criticisms over the years has reached a head and he storms off the course, drives away, and ends up at a ranch in Utopia. Robert Duvall (Uncle Johnny) owns the ranch and is a former PGA player himself. He takes Chisolm home and in the next seven days, shows him how to control his anger by fly fishing, tossing washers, and flying a little plane.
It’s about faith, family, friendships. I’m not sure the actors believed in what they were doing, at least at the beginning, and I’m not sure it gave enough insight as to why Luke was so angry. The story has an amateurish feel about it; reminds me somewhat of The Celestine Prophecy. There’s no violence, no bad language so feel free to take the whole family.
Melissa Leo (The Fighter) and Kathy Baker (Picket Fences) get very little action or screen time which is a shame. It ends with a teaser – you have to go to http://www.didhemaketheputt.com to find out the ending.

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