The Debt

Posted on September 4, 2011


The Debt – In 1965, three young Mossad agents were on a mission to take out a Nazi war criminal known as the Surgeon of Birkinau. Now 30 some years later, Rachel’s (Helen Mirren) daughter has written a book about their highly praised work. Going back and forth between the times, we’re shown that maybe it didn’t happen quite as it was told by the threesome. The young heavy-hearted David, played by Sam Worthington, never gets over the deception, and ends up looking like something served at IHOP. Jessica Chastain plays the young Rachel as well as Mirren does the present day Rachel.

While not a true story, it is based on some truth. Directed by John Madden, it gets rather intense at times which I like a lot. Jesper Christensen who plays the nasty doctor does a great job, going from seemingly caring to straight out sadistic. It’s a very good movie, only there’s no similarity between the two sets of actors. For instance, the older David is about a half a foot taller than the younger one, and I don’t think you grow that much between 25 and 55. Jessica Chastain looks more like Julia Roberts than Helen Mirren.

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