Cars 2

Posted on June 26, 2011


Cars 2 – From Radiator Springs to Italy, France and England, Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) and Mater, Tow Mater, (Larry the Cable Guy) compete in the World Grand Prix and get caught up in an international espionage ring with enough tricks and gadgets to satisfy Bond, James Bond. At the beginning there’s a very nice tribute to Doc (the late Paul Newman) who drove a Hudson Hornet in the first Cars. The “senior” factor is taken over this time by the debonair Michael Caine as Finn McMissile.

Once they get to Europe, Lightning is more than a bit embarrassed by his best friend Mater who has absolutely no pretensions whatsoever, just being himself wanting to help his BFF, and enjoying every minute of his life. The plot involves alternative fuels (Allinol); lemons like Gremlins, Pacers and Hugos; and big oil. Mater tries to teach them imperfections are nothing to be ashamed of. Cars 2 speeds along with references to almost every car and race car driver known. It’s a lot of fun for all us kids.

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