Super 8

Posted on June 19, 2011


After young Joe Lamb’s (Joel Courtney) mom is killed in a mill accident, he starts spending more time with his middle-school buds playing around with Super 8 zombie film making. He’s especially happy that Alice (Elle Fanning) joins their all-male group. One night they witness a train wreck to end all train wrecks and Joe is the only one who sees that it wasn’t an accident. His still grieving dad (Kyle Chandler) is the deputy sheriff of the small town and starts suspecting there’s more to the event when the Air Force takes over the investigation. Dozens of dogs, automobile engines, and microwaves are disappearing, even the sheriff is missing.

It’s all very mysterious, it takes place in 1979, it’s about family & friendship and growing up, it has heart, and it’s hilarious. The kids are great. One loves to blow up stuff, one has a nervous stomach, and one is the requisite “fat” kid. Spielberg has made another family (rated PG-13) movie although he should know that “oh my god”, “totally”, and “WTF” were not in common usage back then. Well, maybe WTF was.

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