Posted on June 13, 2011


That’s a French word meaning “trophy wife.” Catherine Deneuve is the trophy housewife married to an angry, womanizing boss (Mr. Pujal) of an umbrella factory whose secretary is his trophy mistress. The company was part of Mrs. Pujal’s dowry and she still has 55% ownership. (As an aside, it’s so nice to see that the beautiful French model/actress is thickening in the waistline just like all women of a certain age. La, la, la, la,la.) At first, she appears to be a submissive 1950s kind of wife. Turns out she kicked up her heels with more than one outside the marriage fling and, when the workers strike due to Mr. Pujal’s tyrant-like style of managing, it turns out she’s an 80’s kind of woman who learns that she is much more capable than she and the rest of her family thought.

They have a daughter who is a chip-off-the-old-block of Mr. P and whose marriage is on the rocks. There’s an “artistic” son who may be engaged to Mr. P’s illegitimate daughter. Gerard DePardieu is the Mayor MP, supports the factory unions and is Mrs. P’s main former lover. Those French folks are so broad minded about extracurricular affairs. Potiche is a very well done comedy with subtitles.

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