Water for Elephants

Posted on April 22, 2011


Almost as good as the book. Back in 1931, Jacob (Robert Pattison) is about to take final exams to become a vet when his life changes drastically. Hopping the first train he comes across, he gets taken into the circus life by roustabouts and hoochee coochee ladies. Christoph Waltz – who was so good in Inglourious Basterds and The Green Hornet – is an animal abusing ringmaster and circus owner. He hires the young Cornell vet who soon is attracted to the Benzini Bros. star attraction and owner’s wife, Marlena (Reese Witherspoon).

Rosie, the elephant, is really the main attraction and was not harmed even though it looks like it. Pattison handles his part really well here and shows he can do more than those silly vampire roles. Reese is kind of weak in the beginning but gets better. Hal Holbrook plays the old Jacob who skips out of his assisted living home and tells his story to a present day circus owner. I don’t think this will make anyone want to join the circus but it is worth seeing.

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