Posted on April 8, 2011


For the generation that never saw the delightfully funny Dudley Moore in Arthur, this slightly watered down version will probably work very well. Russell Brand is more childish than childlike as the obscenely rich playboy who has to marry haughty, horsey Susan, played well by Jennifer Garner, or lose his fortune. Susan has a genius way of keeping Arthur in line and away from Naomi, the free-spirited woman who inspires him to give up his drunken ways. The genius way involves male body parts and her father’s table saw. Her father is played by a new-faced and heavier Nick Nolte.

Arthur’s reason for throwing money at street people, spending lavishly on whatever strikes his fancy, and drinking gallons of alcohol daily is that his mother is a cold, cold woman who turned him over to nanny Hobson (Helen Mirren) at a very early age, and now greets him with a handshake. Compared to losing $950 million, what’s a mother’s love?

The original Arthur flowed smoothly while this one seems a bit strained and the relationship with the nanny doesn’t seem as true as the relationship with the butler, John Geilgud. It does have quite a few laughs, again not as intelligent or charming but still okay.

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