Posted on March 24, 2011


A struggling writer 20 minutes from being homeless, Bradley Cooper as Eddie, comes across an amazing pill that allows him access to all of his brain. He knows more than Wikipedia, he’s almost omniscient, he can do it all. Soon he has everything he wanted and then he wants more so he increases his dosage of the wonderful NZT. Then things begin to change – he forgets where he was for hours, and did he murder that woman he just slept with? Next he discovers that all those who took NZT before him are either sick or dead. That’s not nearly enough to make him give up this great drug so with a little tweaking (eating right and exercising – no, I just threw that in) he gets back on track. But there are those who are ready to kill him for what he has or what he can do for them, like predicting what’s going to happen in the stock market.
Robert DeNiro’s role of Carl Van Lune fits him to a tee and Abigail Cornish is a quiet presence as Lindy.
You may want to close your eyes when Eddie gets a brown paper wrapped delivery marked “urgent” – remember The Godfather and that thing with the horse’s head on the pillow. Similar. Also, there’s a horrendous bloody scene in his impenetrable fortress that brings Robert Pattison to mind.
Other than that, I really liked this movie and I want me some of that NZT stuff.

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