The Lincoln Lawyer

Posted on March 19, 2011


This is a good solid entertaining movie with a great cast. If you liked Michael Connelly’s book of same name, you’ll like this. Even if you’ve never heard of the book, you’ll probably like it. Matthew McConaughey is the perfect Mickey Haller, a lawyer who specializes in slightly seedy clients, aiming for a “not guilty” verdict which is completely different from “innocent.” He gets a case that could bring him big money, a rich real estate guy (Ryan Phillipe) accused of beating up a prostitute.
As he delves into the background of this situation, it merges into an earlier murder case where his not guilty client may turn out to be innocent, and rich guy could be extremely dangerous.

William H. Macy is Haller’s investigator, Marissa Tomei is his ex-wife with benefits, and there’s a jailhouse snitch who is hilarious. Lots of help, too, from a biker gang – I believe I saw that Trace Adkins is Eddie, leader of the pack. Frances Fisher is the real estate mother. It’s a true ensemble performance.

McConaughey doesn’t sweat as much in this as he did in A Time to Kill but he’s got that confident swagger, that smile, those dimples, and the voice … cannot wait for the next Mickey Haller movie.

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