Posted on March 7, 2011


Yes, this movie has been out for two weeks and I’m just getting around to it. Sorry, I’ve been traveling.
It’s not the take-control Liam Neeson we knew in Taken but he’s still pretty okay here.
Dr. Martin Harris arrives in Germany ready to give a presentation on bio-something when he discovers his briefcase is missing. Without even a teeny mention to his wife, the ever so cool (cold) January Jones as Elizabeth Harris, he hops into a cab to return to the airport. Unfortunately, the cab gets into a major accident and he ends up in a coma for several days. Thanks to the cab driver who goes out of her way to keep him alive, he survives. When he gets back to Liz in the hotel, she has no earthly idea who he is – which gets him to thinking maybe he isn’t who he thought he was. Is he Dr. Martin Harris or not?
While he tries to prove who he thinks he is, there are several others who’d rather he didn’t. And they find creative ways to keep him down. That female cabdriver is just the person you want on your side, though. She keeps popping up at the right moment.

Did you know the cabs in Germany are Mercedes Benz and they sure can take a licking. The movie reminded me of something in the past but with fewer car crashes. I think there’s an opening for a sequel for this one.

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