Posted on March 6, 2011


Rango (Johnny Depp) is this lizard living in the desert and working on his acting skills when he meets an armadillo who urges him to go on a quest to get to the other side, metaphorically speaking. He ends up in a town called Dirt with a water shortage. After tossing back a few shots of cactus juice, he realizes he can be anybody he wants to be so he creates a whole new persona. He’s tough, he’s killed seven brothers with one shot and that’s just what the town needs so they appoint him sheriff.

Isla Fisher is Beans, a spitfire who knows there’s something dirty going on with water being spilled out in the desert and Abilgail Breslin is the voice of Priscilla who Rango refers to as Little Sister. (Remember John Wayne’s nickname for Mattie in True Grit.)

Lots of Los Lobos music from a quartet of Mexican owls and filled with dialogue clever enough for Captain Jack Sparrow. This animated film qualifies as a pretty good Western, paying lots of homage to the Dollars trilogy and the Man with No Name.

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