Barney’s Version

Posted on February 22, 2011


Paul Giamatti (Barney) meets the love of his life on his wedding day of his second marriage. He’s a tv producer of a low class reality show, making buckets of money, living large, and being totally self-absorbed. The story spans 40 years, from Barney’s 20s to his 60s, and although his face is changed slightly to show a more youthful look, his middle-aged body just doesn’t make the cut in the early years.
Dustin Hoffman is perfect as the politically incorrect Jewish dad, telling off-color jokes and being completely inappropriate at the wedding. Minnie Driver is the stereotypical Jewish Princess second wife.
Why the movie is called Barney’s Version, I don’t know, since it is the only version so you have to believe in the end he wasn’t a murderer, and that his memory problems didn’t get in the way.

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