No Strings Attached

Posted on January 23, 2011


Surprisingly, this movie doesn’t suck even with head-too-small-for-his-body Ashton Kutcher (Adam). It’s one of his better jobs at playing himself, actually. And it’s completely on the other side of The Black Swan for Natalie Portman – here, she’s a doctor working 80 hours a week with no time or desire for a committed relationship. So she and Adam hook up to just have sex without any emotional stuff getting in the way. We know that’s not going to last but it’s fun watching them try.

Kevin Kline, Adam’s father, is trying to hang on to his youth by dating Adam’s ex, smoking weed, and doing something with mushrooms. Two lesser known actresses, Lake Bell and Mindy Kapling, will probably be getting more work after this movie. The theater was packed with young women which should mean a good weekend opening for it. It works pretty well as a romantic comedy.

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