Country Strong

Posted on January 8, 2011


Gwyneth Paltrow makes a respectable singer but won’t give Reba or Carrie any competition in the voice category. She gives a more than good performance as the drunken, six-time Grammy winner Kelly Cantor being pushed into a comeback by Tim McGraw (James Cantor). As their marriage falls apart, he fails in his dual job of husband/manager – both in the story and as an actor. Credits show he had two hairstylists, apparently leaving no money for an acting coach.

There’s some good music in this, especially from Garrett Hedlund. He’s also the outstanding performer in the movie, and Leighton Meister does a nice job idolizing Kelly and wanting to follow in her footsteps. She and Hedlund’s singing duo mirrors their bedroom duo. Storyline is like a country song. I wasn’t aware country singers have such a huge contingent of “people”.

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