The King’s Speech

Posted on January 6, 2011


The best movie I’ve seen this year and that’s not just because it’s also the first. This is a great movie. Not a stodgy British thing, but a real human story of King George VI who has a stuttering problem. Who knew, well, who cared, really. Colin Firth makes you care – you feel his pain, all that childhood anguish that he’s carried for years. And Geoffrey Rush makes you laugh with his unorthodox, unconventional speech therapy methods. Their relationship – between a royal and a commoner- grows into a lasting friendship.
Based on the true story of King George VI taking over after his brother abdicated for the twice-divorced Mrs. Simpson, George is the father of the old Queen Mum Elizabeth. The two little girls who play Elizabeth and her sister Margaret are so cute, not necessarily based on truth. When the king is finally able to overcome his stammer and speak to his country about WW2, it’s as thrilling as a touchdown, or a three-pointer at the buzzer. I see Oscars.

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