True Grit

Posted on December 25, 2010


This is not supposed to be a remake of the 60s version but there will be comparisons to it. This one beats the pants off that one. I just remember that one seeming fake-y, especially the scene where John Wayne was riding his horse with a six-shooter in each hand, and Glen Campbell was extremely weak as an actor. Also the way they talked seemed formal and stilted. Yet here they do the same thing, not using a single contraction, and it works.
Jeff Bridges is great as Rooster Cogburn, a broken down drunk who still hasn’t lost his ability to shoot whatever/whomever he needs to. Matt Damon is fine as the Texas ranger who wants to capture Tom Cheney for the ree-ward. The young girl, whatever her name, makes the role of Maddy Ross the strongest. And Josh Brolin does a lot with his character. There are some beautiful shots of Western scenery, and there are some scenes that are very difficult to watch. I may have let out a couple of teeny little screams. The Coen Brothers have another hit, I think. Look for the helicopter in the clouds, though, about midway. Also, in the credits there’s a “Matt Damon Abs Double” – I do not remember seeing his abs.

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