Posted on December 19, 2010


First, it’s not worth the extra $3.50 for 3-D. Over 80-85% of it is in 2-D and the 3-D is not all that. Sometimes the action part is like a big video game. Flynn, Jeff Bridges, is on the verge of a major breakthrough to a digital “perfect” world when he disappears. Some 20 years later his now adult son, Garrett Hedlund, where did he come from?, gets sucked into his space and they try to get back home. There’s a lot of Frisbee-like disk tossing, sort of like the hat Top-Job (wasn’t that his name, the little dude in the early Bond movies) used to throw.
Still there’s a redeeming quality or two. The scientific aspect of it is great and the world would be better off if we concentrated on more research into what the human mind is capable of. The motorcycles they pull out of thin air are pretty cool, too. And that’s about it.

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