The Fighter

Posted on December 18, 2010


Remember “Million Dollar Baby” where I said boxing is the most barbaric sport ever. That opinion still holds, but I liked The Fighter just as much as I did MDB. It’s the story of two brothers, Christian Bale (Dicky) is a former almost-somebody boxer and now a crack addict, and Mark Wahlberg (Micky) idol worships his older brother yet comes to realize he may not be the best trainer, what with the drug thing going on and all. Their mother, a beer drinking, over-bleached blonde, manages both of them and five or six ugly sisters make up the fan club. Amy Adams plays the tough, trash-talking girlfriend who gets Micky to break family ties and go out on his own.
Christian Bale is terrific as the delusional, attention-seeking addict. Wahlberg and Adams also deserve their Golden Globe nominations (I’m betting on Bale). It’s got a lot of language and there’s the punching in the face to contend with, but it’s a story about overcoming any number of issues and triumphing in the end.

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