Posted on November 25, 2010


If you didn’t know Christina Aguilera (Ali) could belt out a song, you’ll know it in this movie. The story of a young woman who gets the chance to live her dream as a song and dance star, it brings out that inner performer in all of us. You know the one where you want to grab the microphone and just knock ‘em dead. Cher (Tess) in her 60+ year body looks fantastic thanks to some skillful surgeon(s) and her voice is still strong as before.
There’s a lot going on with this story, Tess gives Ali her chance; Ali helps Tess save her business; and there are several love stories. Stanley Tucci has a fun time as the gay friend of Tess, Eric Dane is the good bad guy, Kristen Bell does an excellent job as the mean girl. Lots of great choreography and revealing outfits.
Definitely going to get the soundtrack.

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