Due Date

Posted on November 9, 2010


The only reason I went to see this is because of Robert Downey, Jr. He has such nice hair. That Zach Galifianakis dude doesn’t even look interesting – he’s just such a sophomoric humor kind of guy. I didn’t see The Hangover (and don’t plan to) so I can’t compare this movie to it but I imagine there’s some similarity.

Downey is trying to get to LA for the birth of his first child. Thanks to Zach, an aspiring actor claiming to be 23 years old, he gets kicked off the plane and they’re off on a road trip with one calamity after another. A few noteworthy scenes like Downey punching a bratty kid in the stomach, something most of us have dreamed of doing at least one time, and a stoned piece that might bring back memories if you’ve ever been a little high. And there are several slightly disgusting moments, too, which seem to appeal to the sophomoric humor crowd.

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