Posted on October 22, 2010


Two words that will get me to a movie every time – Clint Eastwood. And when you throw in “psychic”, wild horses couldn’t keep me away. This though is not your daddy’s Clint Eastwood movie. Take a tsunami, a kid killed by a car, and an Italian cooking class and try to connect them. Matt Damon, plays George, a guy “cursed” by the ability to connect to those who have gone to the next life. There’s a beautiful French woman who tasted death for a couple of minutes and a little boy trying to reach his dead twin.
It’s a slow moving movie and no questions about the hereafter are really answered, but it is thought-provoking and maybe we’ll see more on the subject now that the tough guy is thinking about it.
Matt Damon is getting better and better at acting – he’s sort of effortless which is the kind of actor you want.

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