The Town

Posted on September 20, 2010


If you’re out of your 30s, you’ve seen this movie before in some form. Guy (Ben Affleck as Doug) from “bad” side of town, mom left when he was a kid, dad in prison so he can’t help but turn to robbing banks even though he really wants to be a good guy. Scopes out the bank manager since she might be able to recognize him or his pals after they rob it. Soon falls in love with her and wants to start a new life. Irish godfather doesn’t like that idea at all and strongly suggests he do another job.
The FBI agent knows it’s Doug and Jem who are doing these robberies, just can’t yet prove it and they know he knows it so why in heaven’s name would they push their luck?
Lots of intense moments with automatic weapons. It’s amazing how they can expend so many bullets and not hit a single cop. Blake Lively is good as a tarted up girlfriend before he meets Rebecca Hall. Affleck will probably get more recognition for directing this movie than acting in it.  Filmed in Bah-stun, the last robbery is in the famous Fenway Park.

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