Posted on August 29, 2010


Sort of a wanna-be Oceans 11 with brothers as in brother brothers and a couple of token whites. Paul Walker is one of them, he’s like a Grade B Brad Pitt. These reputedly expert bank robbers agree to do one really big job arranged by their homey who was just released from prison. Turns into a major cluster fudge.
Matt Dillon plays Jake, a cop who has no issue with police brutality and actually turns out to be the “good” cop. The story is sort of all over the place. It won’t ruin it for you if you know almost all of them get killed in the end, a couple of brothers go out in a Bonnie and Clyde blaze of glory. Unless you’re just really into car chases, foot chases, guns blazing, glass crashing, I’d suggest you wait for the dvd.

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