The Switch

Posted on August 21, 2010


Whew – this has an overcast, dreary feel thanks to Jason Bateman’s hangdog look (doesn’t he so remind you of Jim Baker?) and attitude. Story is of Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) wanting to have a baby and not finding the appropriate baby daddy, she decides to do artificial insemination. At an “I’m Getting Pregnant” party, best friend Wally (Bateman) in a drunken stupor exchanges his “ingredients” with the donor’s “ingredients.”
As an aside, friend Debbie, Juliette Lewis, who has to be mighty close to 40, has a 30th birthday celebration – apparently in order to make us think Aniston is younger than that.
The only redeeming quality is the product of those ingredients – a cute six year-old who has all his father’s neuroses and sighs as if he has the weight of the world on his little shoulders. And Jeff Goldblum is quite good. I hate to say it, but Aniston just plays the same role she’s played in several previous movies and not very well at that.

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