Toy Story 3

Posted on June 20, 2010


As 17-year old Andy packs for college, Woody, Buzz & gang are mistakenly shipped off to a day care which, at first, seems like Paradise since Andy hasn’t played with them in a long time. Right away they find out they don’t make kids like they used to. The day care toy rooms are ruled by a disillusioned bear known as Lotso, a screaming monkey, and a really big baby cleverly named Big Baby. Their mission is to get back home to Andy where they think they belong.  Good story for kids and parents.  You might get a little choked up close to the end.

Sub story of Ken and Barbie, both are quite the drama queen. Ken has a closet full of Liberace-like clothes. One toy is not surprised when he sees who he thinks is Ken wearing heels. Neither was I – know what I’m saying.

A little girl with a big imagination will probably replace Andy in Toy Story 4.  Stay through the credits – “Spanish” Buzz and Jessie do a mean tango.  Also, Walt Disney does the green thing and promotes donating.

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