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Posted on June 2, 2010


The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo – If you like to read, you may want to get the book first. It’s fascinating, complex, intriguing, well worthwhile, but not for the faint of heart. A murder mystery, financial world dirty dealings, and sicko family issues. The main male character is so much better looking and younger in the book than he is in the movie. Lisbeth, the main female, is a brilliant computer hacker – women will cheer her on. Black and white with subtitles. Oh, there’s an instance of Lisbeth chasing a really bad guy with a golf club that immediately brings to mind Elin Woods.
Letters to Juliet – Ah, Italy – the countryside, the food, the wine, the music. Wait ‘til you hear “Sono Bugiorla” (I’m a Believer). Vanessa Redgrave as the grandmother is just beautiful, who knew 70+ could look so good. Girl goes to Italy with unattentive boyfriend, finds a letter sent to Juliet over 50 years ago, answers it, goes on hunt with grandmother and grandson to find lost love. You won’t have any trouble figuring out what’s going to happen. Scenery is exceptional, and graphics at beginning of movie are yummy rich Venetian colors.
Iron2Man – Pure fun. Robert Downey, Jr. stays with the witty repartee. Such a cool dude, all the money in the world and he can fly. Wouldn’t you just love to have one of those Ironman suits and jet off to Chicago or The Hamptons whenever the mood struck? Surprisingly, Scarlett Johannsen reveals a smidgen of personality – well, maybe not that much. To her credit, she does have spectacular assets and shows off some serious butt-kicking moves. Gwyneth Paltrow is a bit lifeless too. Guess that’s to offset all the rapid fire destruction. I feel certain there will be an Iron3Man.
Greenberg – (art film) Very Woody Allenish. About 40-something Roger Greenberg (Ben Stiller) trying to get his life together. He house sits for his more successful brother and gets into a relationship with his brother’s personal assistant. All I could think of was how teeny tiny Stiller is and his sort of I-only-do-drugs-occasionally demeanor. He’s probably clean as a whistle, just looks that way.
Shrek – Forever After – You can wait for the dvd on this. There are a few humorous moments from Puss ‘N Boots and Donkey. Rumplestiltskin, gleefully evil, is a nice addition to the cast and he’s voiced by one of the makers of the movie. Shrek is suffering from a mid-life crisis and wants to be tough and scary again. Rumple grants his wish by erasing the day of Shrek’s birth because he wants to get his hands on Far, Far Away. ”It’s A Wonderful Life” did it better.
Sex and the City 2 – Not as fast paced as the first one, but who cares, go see it just for the clothes and shoes. You may get a little tired of the oversexed Samantha’s antics and wish they’d spend more time on the four doing what they do best – talking, laughing, sharing. Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda each is dealing with her own problems at the moment and you can feel their pain. Carrie & Big are experiencing the two-year-itch; Big appears to be smelling something nasty through first half. Charlotte is afraid of losing her nanny and/or her husband, possibly to each other. Miranda has an aho for a boss. Disappointingly, there’s no frontal nudity although there’s a couple of attractive backal shots.
Prince of Persia – You’ve never seen so many theatrical feats – back-over flips while leaping from rooftop to rooftop, twirling and throwing two knives at once, creative wall climbing, dodging dozens of swords, jumping onto a running horse, all in the matter of ten or so seconds. Think 1950′s cowboys.
A young orphan gets adopted by the King of Persia and then is accused of killing his father after he and his brothers invade another country looking for weapons of destruction. Hmmm. While trying to prove his innocence, he comes across a magical device, actually a pretty sword sort of like Excalibur, that can turn back time better than Botox or Restalyne. Naturally a couple of other people want to get their hands on it, too. Jake Gyllenhaal is charming as the “Indiana Jones” prince and there’s an Arabian dude who calls himself an entrepreneur, holds ostrich races and rails against government interference and taxes. Lots and lots of undulating sand. The fight scenes, thankfully non-bloody, could have used some editing in length.

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