April Movies

Posted on June 2, 2010


Date Night – It really is a good movie for married couples’ date night..  A car chase scene and a pole dancing scene are worth the money.  Some silly parts, too – it is after all Steve Carrell.  The schtick about people equating taking someone’s restaurant reservations to a capital offense is played well.  Mark Wahlberg is shirtless throughout (which is not a bad thing) – at first I thought he was a beefed-up Kevin Bacon.  Carrell and Tina Fey are pretty good together.  Though no Rock Hudson and Doris Day, I can see future pairings with them.

Avatar – A friend convinced me to see this finally.  She was told it was “spiritual” – in case you haven’t seen it, it’s just another war picture wrapped up in pretty colors.  Scientists and the military both, for different reasons, want to take over some land inhabited by an indigenous society.  These scantily clad natives respect, even revere, the earth; paint their faces in celebration; use bow and arrow as weapons; tame bucking birds to ride; and worship a great spirit.    Hello – does American Indian spring to mind?  Indians were called red men – James Cameron painted them blue.  He named them Na’vi (short for Navaho?)  and he called the spirit Eyawe  (Yahweh is another name for God) – that’s about as close to spiritual as it got.

How to Train Your Dragon – I know this is meant for four to seven year olds, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Now whether that speaks more about the movie or me is anyone’s guess.

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